Making fashion resale completely free
 and more fun than buying new 

Unlock the value of your pre-loved clothes by turning them into tokens

Play the Untagged game to win more tokens and rewards 

Spend tokens in our pre-loved fashion marketplace, upgrade your wardrobe for FREE!

Track how much carbon you save and win rewards for being sustainable

  How does it work?  


We’re a GAME. 

Other fashion resale platforms can be boring and time-consuming, so we’re here to make it fun! Complete missions, compete with your friends and track your carbon offsets to win exclusive rewards and brand discounts.


Those fast fashion purchases that have been chucked at the back of the’s time to pass them on to someone else who could love them again.

We do things DIFFERENTLY. 

When you upload an item, we convert it into token value, and people pay for items with tokens instead of cash. In fact the only cost to the buyer is postage (and its completely free for the seller).


We’re all in this together. We LOVE clothes. We know we probably buy too many and don’t wear them for as long as we should. So let’s come together to create a sustainable fashion community, have some fun… and some friendly competition!